December 17th, 2008


WoW and Crossfire

I can honestly say that WotLK has enriched my life in Azeroth and made the game more fun again. And on that positive note, I also want to extend my gratitude to my guild mates in Solaris Nocturnis, who are all great fun to be around and really nice to each other. Of all those great jokes I've heard and made there not one of them was mean, and sometimes, when needed, the tone is serious and shows that we are all people who care.

But back to the game. I have abandoned my paladin and made her my bank alt. When in a group, I want to heal, so I'm leveling my priest again. And when going out to do silly stuff alone, I love my Death Knight. Right now, my priest is picking up mining and my DK is learning to fish. And soon my priest will be prancing around Outland, accompanied by my favourite gnome Sprockl.

About Crossfire. We haven't played since WotLK came out. I'm pretty sure most of us still want to play together, but we have to figure out when and how. I'm going to assume that December is pretty much a no go with all the holiday fun, though I myself can make time if needed. In January I have no time on Fridays and on some Tuesdays but otherwise I'm free. Please let me know when you are free, guys.

I have been thinking about Crossfire's set up too. I'm just not so wild about the rogue anymore... I'm too slow and overall I have no idea what I'm doing. I could bring in my hunter, who is level 70 right now and has a variety of useful pets. My favourite at the moment is the wolf, because of the party-wide damage buff, but I also have one of those fire-breathing two-headed dogs, and a gorilla for off-tanking. I wish I could bring them all...

My paladin is level 71, so also a candidate to hang out with Crossfire, but I don't want to go Retribution. Nathree can be a healer or a tank, but I don't think I can dps well... Or I could just stick with Albine because it works. Let me know what you guys think.
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Do it

We all know them.
Rogues do it from behind.
Biologists do it in vitro.
G4mers do it 1337 and with pwnage.

So how do writers do it? How do costume-makers do it? Who are you and how do you do it?
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