January 11th, 2009


Something to think about

I have been reading matociquala 's LJ for a while now, because she is a fantasy writer too. She has some interesting views and some real wisdom to share. But the post that made me think yesterday was not about writing. It was about women things.
This and this...

Ok men, this is your moment to back out of this post if anything about the menstrual cycle makes you go "Lalalalala I can't hear you!"

Cotton menstrual pads. My first thought was: "This is insane! Who would wear cotton pads of their own free will?" My mum hated cotton diapers when she was young, they were messy, but there was either that or tampons, and we have never been ladies who like tampons. There are just some moments when nothing will go in there, not even the tiniest tampon.

On the other hand, the plastic pads make me itchy and they smell. I'm pretty sure the smell is caused by the combo of the plastic with the fluids, because the fluids smell a lot less bad when there it's on my hand or on a towel or something. Cotton pads could be a solution to my monthly itchiness. And I'm pretty sure they're made with all kinds of new technologies to make them actually leak proof and all that.

But the unicorns and the happy designs turn me off. It's what turns me off certain brands of menstrual pads anyway. I do not see what the happy designs add. I'm going to be wearing this in my underwear, no one will get to see the happy designs but me, and I don't want em. I want the pads, if I get them, to be plain black or grey or ecru like my underwear. Plus, I would like to buy them in my own country...

But it might be useful, so it made me think...

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Nathreee's guide to looting and survival in the Capital Wasteland

I started a new character in Fallout3 on Friday and when I got to level 8 today I was delighted to notice that all of the things I had learned from Fallout still work really well in Fallout3. So here's my list of rules that help me stay alive and keep my pockets full of caps.

-When you start a character, pick one weapon skill that you want to be using for a long time. Getting one weapon skill up to a level where you can shoot Mirelurks in their face is a lot easier than three different weapons skills. Two is also doable, but that will leave you with less points to use on useful things like Science, Repair or Explosives.

-Spend some skill points on Medicine. This will greatly increase the healing you'll get from one Stimpack.

-Hit and run tactics; the VATS system is perfect for it. Don't just stand there with your guns blazing; ducking for cover will greatly up your survival chances. All the NPCs are clever enough to barricade their settlements, so make use of it.

-Grenades and mines: very useful on tough enemies like Supermutants. The Explosives skill doesn't just up your chance of throwing the grenade exactly between their feet, it also ups the damage your mines will do. And mines work exceptionally well in tight passageways like in the sewers or the metro tunnels. Also, mines are easy to pick up for free; you can disarm and reuse any mines you find; if you were clever enough not to step on them in the first place, that is.

-When you're sure you're safe, take some time to carefully go through the junk that's everywhere in the game. There's ammunition in boxes and desk drawers, a lot of buildings have safes with valuable things, there are first aid kits in bathrooms and people keep drugs in the strangest places. Sometimes the loot is hidden between burnt books on a shelf or strewn out on the floor. Look everywhere and take anything that's worth selling.

-Special looting rules: armor is usually too heavy to be worth your inventory space. Unless you're really strong and can carry a lot of junk, better leave the armor every raider wears behind. Their ammunition is usually worth much more, and you can carry more of it. Drugs and food are light-weight, valuable loot, just like ammunition. Also, some seemingly worthless items are worth quite a bit if you offer them to the right person, like scrap metal, blood packs or Sugarbombs.

With all this in mind, life in the Capital Wasteland becomes a lot easier.
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