February 23rd, 2009



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This was a very busy week. Contact with the editor has picked up and I've spent most of my writing time on a synopsis of my book, jotting down and organising background information and on correcting older scenes of my novel. He's been reading through everything and is working on some detailed comments and recommendations. The text I have right now is definately a first draft that needs to be fleshed out more.

Then there was of course my brother who came over to buy his wedding suit, which went marvellously well. He makes a very handsome groom, and we even had time to shop for some pantyhose for me and the other "witness".

And then there was Lextalionis, which was really intensive and fun! The new location was very luxurious and comfortable and big enough to get lost in. The story took a bit of a slow start on friday night, most of the plot being hush-hush, but with the fashion show and the drama, it ended big! Though Audrey is now really depressed and a little scared, I'm very satisfied with the whole weekend; the fun had, especially OC in the pool, the way the story is going and the quality of sleep I managed to get. I just wish Josque could have been there to do the food. Ah well, mustn't complain, it was great.
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