March 2nd, 2009



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It's been a busy week at work leaving me with little energy in the evening to write. I have been rewriting the same scene with Topaz and Alma five times without satisfaction and without finishing it. Work got me a little stressed; my department manager and I had a talk about me and and how I'm doing and he thinks I need some serious personal effectivity training to learn to be assertive and take initiative. I'm not sure how much I really need it and how much is really just laziness. I have sent him a link to a Schouten&Nelissen training, which is promising to be rather intensive. We'll hear what he thinks...

Nokey and Janestarz stayed over at our place this weekend, and we watched the gamers I and II, we went to the sauna, to Orient Plaza (which is not as chique as I remember it, I was alittle disappointed) and on Sunday we dressed up as Vuurdoorn and Maretak and made pictures. After they left last night, I sewed more leaves to Vuurdoorn's dress and I'm still thinking whether I should use yellow or beige as a base colour for Vuurdoorn's facepaint. The yellow really was a pain to get off, and it doesn't really go with my hair...

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Goodbye Crossfire

I have said goodbye to World of Warcraft it's only fair to say a proper goodbye to Crossfire too. It was quite and adventure and we had lots of fun. We conquered many evil enemies and we made a lot of jokes. Not playing WoW leaves me with so much more time to spend on roleplay and on my book, that I really don't want to go back. Guys, feel free to try something new without me, a rogue is easy enough to replace. There's not much of value in the guild bank, but take it by all means.

Here are the posts in which our adventures are described, and below is a post that links to who is who in the WoW Armory.

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One of my favourite larp organisations is Kederan, and their new event is in only two weeks.
Everything a participant needs to know is here:

It's not expensive, there are beds, and it's generally a very relaxed atmosphere to roleplay in. This event will be in a quasi-Asian setting, but I've heard rumors that the scenery is going to change again after this event.

Kederan likes to have a low threshold; everyone is welcome, whether you have lots of roleplay experience or none, whether your costume is amazing and detailed or just something second-hand you had lying around.

Kederan is a very fun way to spend a weekend outdoors. Anyone joining us?
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