June 29th, 2009



wordcount 0
still 11 and a half scenes to go

I have been engrossed in lord of the rings online this week, ecstatic about the new Warden class. Not something I should be doing, but oh it's so much fun. Also work has been really busy, hence the large number of work-related posts in the past week.

But it looks like we're back to the quiet summertime work now, so I can get back to writing. Though I should be working on scene 12, I'm still changing some stuff about number 13 right now. Anastaszia rightfully remarked that it needed more scenery.

Friday saw me shopping with Janestarz, and I discovered the shop where I want to buy my bras for the rest of my life. The clerk at the store taught me a thing or two about how bras should fit and that I should really wear cup E instead of D, though a 75F fits me real good too. Ugh, they got bigger again...

Remco's is not complaining, even though I'm getting heavier again too. Soon I'll be officially obese. Like I care... I have had a belly all my life, but the flabs on my back make me uncomfortable. I don't know what to do...

On Saturday we spent most of the day playing games at the Biljartpaleis with other CB members and on Sunday we went out to Charm's Pirate Special Event to entertain the less lawful players. The weather was ghastly, with a horrible torrent of rain, after which the air was damp and hot. I hope the players had fun, but Remco and I were definately exhausted after the whole thing.

Today I'm meeting with my coach at work again. I wonder what she has to say and what she wants me to talk about. I have some stuff in mind I want to bring up though, so that's good. I just hope I won't cry. I don't want to.

We'll see what this week brings us...
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