Two new LRP characters I'm working on:

Trudi Fischer AKA Project Cleavage
Perfectionist workaholic
Costume needs: uniform, deep cut white blouse, black bra, stockings, gloves

This going to be so awesome thanks to Medusa!

on the other end of the spectrum:

Belle AKA backup for Team Nosferatu
Bitter Cleopatra who has learned humility
Costume needs: old clothes, big shoes, lots of face paint, a vest, a gun and a hat.

Anyone here who can lend me a gun for Lex?
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You'd be welcome to borrow one of mine, but neither of my guns is painted yet. If you you receive no other offers you could keep it in mind, though.
Are you going to the Maerquin ALV this weekend?

In that case I would like to fit the skirt on you, if you please. In a discrete out of the way place of course. :-)
And shapperoned by Remco if you want to.

We will be there. Thank you so much! I will bring the bra and blouse for your approval. No worries about discretion; I have never been discrete. :P

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I've got a modded single-shot crossfire that you can borrow, painted and ready to go.
Its called a man-purse okay?

And that's why I've got two, emblems are still on if that's going to be a problem.
I'd love to borrow it. Thanks so much. Btw would be nice seeing you again anyway. Let's play some games during the daytime?
My pleasure. :)

Would very much like to play some games on Lex, but I'm bound to oversleep.

But if you want the full pic of the mod and details you can add me on msn at lecarrot -@- hotmail -dot- com.
Someone with a uniform and a deep cut white blouse? Funny. I'd expect all buttoned up shirts with uniforms.
I am curious to what that will look like. Show us pictures when it's done, please?
(not just pictures of the costume, but the costume with you in it, please)
No worries. Project Cleavage is not just a pretty costume to go with a character, it's also something I've always wanted to wear. There will be a whole photoshoot, if I can help it.