The manuscript is largely in the same state as last week. Parts about Sol have been edited and corrected. The first 50 pages are ready to be sent off to an agent in theory, but in practice I asked Remco to take a look at them. He is in serious editor mode because of his job and he has a lot of comments. Most comments I am very grateful for, he is very sensitive to details and he has a good feeling how to correct them. But some things just can't be fixed without turning everything around and blowing a hole in the storytelling, and I'm just not going to do that. I know which scene in those 50 pages is the weak link, I have done everything I can to patch it up, and I'm not going to change anything more about it. Remco was tired after that and hasn't looked at it since. But because his comments were so good, I'll just check whether he wants to finish it later. So it's not going on the mail yet, but almost.

This weekend we spent some time with Nokey and Janestarz and I loved it. I also loved the little evening of Marsilac at Maerquin, as you have been able to tell. This was a good weekend to me, despite the cheap rosé that made me realise the true meaning of the expression "Chateau Migraine".

On the menu this week: not all that much. Should give me some time to play some lotro and possibly look at the manuscript's ending again. Sunday will see us at the Anarquendor picknick, and that's about all I have planned. Of course some nights will be spent doing some research for D&D because the players are reaching a climax in the story and they deserve something that's detailed and well-thought through. Thanks to Daniel for providing me with all the books I need.

So, back to work. But before I go, tell me about your favourite boobytrap you would install to protect your mansion from intruders if you were an evil mastermind.
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Taxi. My future Bouvier de Flandres. She is smart, she is sleek and black, and she's obviously devoted to me.
For everything else, I have NoKey, head of my ninja herd.

I loved having you over for the weekend, and I loved your (yours and Remco's) reactions to my sewing plans. Hammering out the kinks is always good!
My favourite boobytrap is easy: the beartrap. It's a classic for a reason. Easy to use, lots of style. It's a trap with an old-fashioned sense of dignity. The screams will easily alert everybody. The beartrap: nothing says 'security' like a intruder trying to gnaw off his own leg.

On a unrelated note, do you plan to keep writing about our Hunter campaign? The last post gave me quite a bit of background info (also thanks to Daniel!). Disturbing info, but in a fun way.
I knew it was you, my dear. Good point. Will get on that. Too bad I can't be present on the 31st.
A long metallic corridor, totiontrackers and infraredsensors with ceiling mounted twin-linked assault cannon. Preferably two. Makes intruders feel real welcome.

But that is considerably more Sparks then Sna speaking.
Having booby traps in the house sounds very not appealing to me.

I am sloppy and forgetfull. I would probably enter my house and forget to enter the code, and then get caught by my own boobytrap.
Anything that's dangerous for intruders, would probably be even more dangerous for me.
I think I'm going to find myself a basilisk, put it behind the door and everybody who try to sneak in gets petrified. It's instant and clean, the only thing I have to is put the intruders outside when I get home.
Teleport traps. They cross the line and poof, they're at the other side of the world. Or inside my impenetrable prison, on the other side of the world. Or another world.

When teleportation is not available I'd probably install weaponry that permanently incapacitates the intruders, preferably by decapitation. You want to make sure they don't come back, after all. And I wouldn't make it like this human-obstacle-course the way the places in Indiana Jones are always boobytrapped. You step on the wrong tile or trip over an invisible wire and whoosh, say good bye to your head and/or limbs... maybe some fire traps would be good, I like fire.
I am terribly violent when evil. It's fun!

But when offered a choice I'm usually a real goody-two-shoes. I feel bad about hurting NPCs!

But yes, when not having a choice and just being plain evil, decapitation and dismemberment is the entertainment of the day! Plus, it's a great way to give your mansion halls that authentic blood-and-guts-splattered-look you just can't get from rust-coloured paint.

Ooh! You know what else is fun? Booby-trapping your mansion in the psychological mindtrip way. Building stairs that lead to a ceiling, doors that open to a wall, that sort of thing. Great fun.
Als ik een landhuis had, zou ik er een engelse landschapstuin omheen leggen. Dat houdt in dat er een mooi open gazon neergelegd wordt met hierin op fraaie plekken clusters van drie grote bomen.
Een indringer zal, om dekking te hebben als hij het open grasveld oversteekt, gebruik maken van de boomtrio’s om achter/in te gaan staan.

Er bestaat een monster, hij staat in D&Dboek oriental adventures, dat is een soort vleesetende boom. Deze boom laat tentakels vallen die mensen en dieren die onder de boom staan verstrengelen en doodknijpen, om ze daarna op te eten.

A pressure plate on the top of the stairs. Putting any weight on it will do two things:
- Activate a spear trap at the bottom of the stairs;
- Make the steps of the stairs 'pull in' so it turns into a slide.

Also, a poisoned dart trap in a doorhandle is always fun.

Or, if you want to go for low-tech: metal pots and pans in a very dark corridor. ;)
Sorry to be so late with my comment but my minnotaur had escaped. I caught jim luckily so he's back where he belongs, in the endless hallways of the mansion.

Also if that's not enough; I dug a giant pool under the mansion. In it Lovely Little Wanda. She's a giant Octopus who will stretch her arms tot the max at the first sign of an intruder.

But ofcourse a simple 10.000 Volt of electricity on the door handle should be more than enough. When fried the doormat turns downward to reveil Wanda ...