Larp in de Gelderlander

I found an article on larp in De Gelderlander yesterday. I shouldn't be complaining, because the article was friendly, showing larp as a rather strange but fun hobby for people from all walks of life. Two things irked me though...

The photo was uninteresting, except for the person prominently in the middle, who was named in the sidebar and the article described her and her husband in detail. But I had always understood that she didn't like to be named when speaking about larp, because of her job. Now it's unlikely that this paper will be read by any of the people at her work, since she lives on the other side of the country, but still this struck me as odd.

To me it was clear that the reporters had been to the latest Exodus event. Organisors and players were named and they talked about elves at the university and about Tesh. But the article didn't mention the name of the organisation anywhere. Even worse, at the end of the article, they posted the website of Arcana, not Evolution Events. Sigh...

I guess I should be happy that my favourite hobby got some positive publicity, but I'm still a little disappointed at the mistakes. The more I read the papers these days, the more I wonder: "What do they teach reporters these days?" I could do so much better.
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Nog erger is dat we per evenement tig van dit soort aanvragen krijgen. De enige reden dat we op deze 'ja' hadden gezegd is omdat we dachten dat het Parool (waar de journalisten oorspronkelijk van waren) wel een degelijk artikel zou kunnen schrijven :D (en soit, het valt nog wel enigszins mee vergeleken met het 'kijk deze mensen eens ludiek ontsnappen aan de realiteit!' dat we normaal krijgen)

Overigens had Monique toestemming gegeven voor het publiceren van haar naam en de foto, dus dat was wel netjes geregeld.
De Gelderlander? Hmmm. The original article was only meant for the Parool. Time to send off a mail. We share the opinion on the shoddy work.

The not being named only applies to Lex, though I must agree the link can be made by an enterprising student. But that choice lies with them.

Ik heb altijd een heel dubbel gevoel als er in de media aandacht wordt besteed aan larp.
Aan de ene kant kan het wel leuk zijn, als het op een beetje een positieve manier gebeurt. Aan de andere kant, waarom moeten mensen hierover weten? Mensen die echt geinteresseerd zijn weten ons meestal wel te vinden, en aan mensen die alleen maar nieuwsgierig zijn heb ik helemaal geen behoefte.

Iedereen die mee wil doen is welkom, alle anderen mogen wat mij betreft weg blijven.

Maar goed, aan de andere kant snap ik wel dat mensen nieuwsgierig zijn. Ik ben zelf ook altijd nieuwsgierig naar van alles en nog wat. Ook naar dingen waar ik zelf niet aan mee zou willen doen.
Ha, ik heb dat artikel ook gelezen - in de Stentor! (Voor de niet-ingewijden: dat is de regionale krant van Noord-Gelderland en West-Overrijssel). Een collega van mij uit die regio kwam er mee aan.

Als zowel de Gelderland als de Stentor gepubliceerd hebben, is het waarschijnlijk verspreid via het GPD-netwerk. Dat betekent dat mogelijk meer regionale dagbladen het gepubliceerd hebben.

Oh and about 'what they teach reporters these days': It's not so much the quality of the reporters, but rather the amount of time (or lack thereof) they get for their work. Due to financial constraints, they have to churn out article after article with no time for decent research or fact-finding.

It's a sad fact, but quality journalism is all but dead in the Netherlands. And we owe it to ourselves, because the vast majority of people simply isn't willing to pay for information anymore. Yay for the internetz indeed.
(I was there) They arrived early, interviewed various people for a couple of hours, played along as honourary NPC's for the night and were invited to ask questions if they wanted to.

And then this article came out. (Also they said specifically it would only be in Parool)
you're quoted. They made it sound as if you were teased by your colleagues because of larp and you had to quit your job. I think the truth was a little more subtle than that?
I know I got misquoted.

I did get some flak for being a larper, but that's not the reason I'm not working there anymore. I didn't even quit, I was taken off the project for a completely different reason (people being dipshits).
They teach ethics, writing styles and several kinds of focus points. During my three years as a journalism student I learned radio, tv, website and newspaper journalism as well as how to do the layout and write for magazines. It was interesting to be introduced to the different kinds of styles and to see the similarities and differences between the media. A smooth cut can be hard to achieve in radio but is easier to do in television where you can distract the viewer with stock footage (zooming into a building) while listening to a voice-over of an interviewee.

Ahum. So there. Now you now.
Just as an aside...

You COULD too do so much better. Maybe you should?