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a concept for a tabletop campaign

I want to play my favourite table-top roleplaying game again. Adventure! Pulp stories set in the 1920s. Something slightly related to Indiana Jones, but more British, more Jeeves and Wooster. And I'll probably throw in some of the inspiration I got from Hellboy and Stargate as well. The story will come to me, the atmosphere is clear to me. What I would like you guys to help me with is names. Please help me come up with ridiculous names. Wooster's friend Tuppy. A girl named Sookie. Strange and funny sounding names from all over the world. If you know a silly name, please let me know and tell me where it's from, what nationality, what kind of person. When I come up with a a story hook, I will definitely be posting some flavourtext here.
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If you want it from all around the world, try some names from Friesland.
My nephews had two kindergarten-teachers with crazy "Friese" names, so crazy that we couldn't remember them most of the time. We called them 'Wopje en Sokje' or something like that, because it sounded something like that.
My grandparents used to have a women living across the street, with a name I thought was funny when I was young. Sh was called 'Tiete'.
And for names that are funny because of context. I can't listen seriously to someone with the name 'Basil', because of fawlty towers. I like that name!
Jum-Jum, the african immigrant. Tater, Teeter and Tutter, the three criminal brothers who always botch a job and Mr. Stach, the stern police detective.
If you've got Basil, you've got to have Sybil, his obnoxious wife. The actress was Prunella Scales, always good for a bad pun or two (dragon, fishy behaviour). What kind of parent calls a child Prunella? Further scouring my DVD collection for good British names... Edward is always a shifty character (Narnia, Blackadder, Bottom, Young Ones). Baldrick sounds as if you dropped a stone in a horse turd. Baldrick. Yech.

Redneck names from the US, from those little villages no one has ever heard of, think Southern US, (lazy spoken, almost singing wise of speaking), hillbillie: Bubba, Delmar, Pervis(male) and Porsha (female)
From Star Wars: Jabba, Wookie and Chewbacca (should be a bottomless pit full of strange names)

If I stumble across any other I'll let you know.
Names are on my mind right now.. so here's some I find really strange:

Wander (from a dutch childrens tv series, works weirdly in two languages)
I actually seem to work in the same division as a doctor Oei
I have been tested by someone named Fideldijdop (no joke, this!)

Leela, indian (as in from india) name meaning divine play
Lalima, indian name meaning redness

Older, latin related names:
Porphyrius, Apollonia, Blasius, Helladius

If you start searching for baby names, weird ones are actually given to children these days...
Rune, Zak or brock for a boy for instance...
Adelheid, Hortense or Odilia for a girl..

ah friesland, makes me remember a lesbian girl called "Fopke" and the guy with the big bag of weed called "Jepke". Both i met at Pinkpop 2002.

Mr Biggles sounds very 1920

Blues and swing bands from the era should get the creative juice flowing