icon meme

ONE. How do you feel right now?

busy at the computer, no special feelings

TWO. What's your favorite pastime?


THREE. Do you consider yourself a strange person?

Whatever gave you that idea?

FOUR. What's your main fandom?
fandom... fandom... /looks through icons...



wut? The only time I fantasise about stuff like that, is when I pair them up with ME!! :P

SIX. How do you describe yourself?

I think too much

I put my foot in my mouth

I can be a little hyper but also kinda cute.

SEVEN. What's your favorite icon to use besides your default?

EIGHT. Do you have an icon of your future husband/wife?
no pics of Remco.

NINE. Do you have a WTF icon?
No, but I have these

TEN. How do you feel towards love?

Married to my true love, what else can I say?

ELEVEN. Saddest icon?

TWELVE. Happiest icon?

THIRTEEN. Crackiest icon?
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