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Everyone needs a regular dosis of silliness

I was grumpy and tired yesterday, convinced that this was just not going to be my week. When I'm tired, my sense of humour sometimes goes on a field trip without me, along with my sense of adventure. I never quite know how to shake moods like that.

But Paco knows. All you need is fun; simple, ridiculous good fun. Last night Paco showed us a movie that just blasted my grumpiness away: You don't mess with the Zohan!

I'm picky when it comes to comedy, there are large numbers of people who call themselves comedians, and who can hardly get me to smile. I recognise that shows like The Guild are well-made, but it just doesn't tickle me. And I was never a big fan of Adam Sandler either. This movie however, is just amazingly funny and well-made. I loved it from the beginning to the end. Thanks Paco. (Though Paco always knows the best movies)

So, my advice to you, if you're feeling a bit low, tired or lazy: insert some silly fun in your life. Games are fun, but nerds like us have a knack for being really serious about games. So by silliness I don't mean just play WoW, I mean host a naked marathon from Kaskala to Westguard Keep. I don't mean play Arkham Horror, I mean play an Arkham Horror drinking game, like everyone drinks whenever a new environment is played.

Small silly things will do too. Stop at a rain puddle and see how far you can make the water splatter away. Slide down the bannisters of the stairs at work. You kow what I mean.

ETA: something definitely silly:

So tell me about something silly that you did today.
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I made an offering of Café Au Lait to the Oracle Gods, may their TOADs work in all their ribbitness.

(Well, it's one way to justify spilling coffee all over the laptop... )
It didn't even work! New record is 1h, 24 minutes and three seconds to run a query and then I ran out of patience.
The most silly thing is going to happen at 17:15 today.
I will shut down my computer and abandon it for two weeks, because at 17:15 my holiday starts!! I won't come back till the 18th. *wheee*
I have been doing silly things in the lab for a while now, but since tango lessons, I secretly practice steps in a corner where no one can see me. I always feel silly when someone opens the door and I jump and feel like I've been caught doing something naughty.
don't mean play Arkham Horror, I mean play an Arkham Horror drinking game, like everyone drinks whenever a new environment is played.

I will admit that it would lighten up the game a bit. ("We're all gonna lose!" "Don't worry, have another beer!" ;-)
Arkham Horror is one of those games that can get really serious and even depressing. I say it needs more silly fun. Like more slapstick in the encounter phase.
Of course Arkham Horror is depressing. If it weren't depressing, it wouldn't be true to Lovecraft.
The simple fact that the players have a chance to win is, even if it's small, is so positive that it's almost an insult to Lovecraft. In Lovecraftian stories, the heroes never have any chance at all.
But then of course, a game with no chance to win would not really be a game. A game needs to be winnable, or there would be no use in playing it.

By the way, glad you're feeling better.
I love those skipping pylons :)

I've been sick for about a week now, so my silly quotient is way down low. I'll have to think up something daft to do this afternoon.
Watched it and also enjoyed its power of silly!

Dropped a Silly Dance in honor of it