The weather at Omen doesn't look as depressing as I thought

I wasn't looking forward to this, for a lot of reasons, and one of them was the weather. The location in Uden is a camping site that gets horribly muddy when it rains, but the amount of rain in this forecast is relieving.

My costume is clean and ready to go. I'm going back to Saira's original hairstyle with the snood, since I've learned how to properly wear it. We will very probably be sleeping at home. The only problem now is the fact that my good boots have died. I now have the choice to between comfortable IC footwear that will get my feet wet if it rains, or boots that will make my feet ache. With this forecast, I'll wear the comfy ones, but I'll bring the boots and extra socks.

With the whole sleeping at home thing, the only thing about Omen that I'm not looking forward to is the story, but we'll just have to wait and see about that.
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Maybe you can stop in the center of town for a small shopping spree before you come to the terrain? I don't know if you've got time, but good boots are a necessity!

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Good boots that fit around my calves are hard to find. Did you know that most boots have a shaft of 40 cm around? That is 5cm too small for me.

I might have some luck at the Ulla Popken or something...
Ik weet dat er in uden een schoennen winkel zit speciaal voor mensen met een breede kuit.
Misschien dat je voor Omen even langs kunt gaan.

Dat kan ik niet geven, want ik heb hem alleen gezien toen ik het centrum inging omdat ik bij de Goblin was geweest.
Uit mijn hoofd zit die winkel in de straat waar ook de jamin zit en zo, dat is achter de goblin.
Er staat in die straat een of ander kunstwerk met water.

Hoop dat je dan een beetje weet waar het is.

Winkel heet Eigen Wijs, gespecialiseerd in onder andere grote maten dames mode en laarzen met brede schacht.

Mondriaanplein 10
5401 HX Uden

Ik heb er even voor moeten googelen, maar uiteindelijk toch gevonden.