dreams about wild animals in civilised surroundings

Two nights in a row now I have had these dreams.

The first dream was about bears in the yard of our office in Moskow. Everyone knew the bears were there, and you just had leave them alone. If you watched them from afar, everything would be fine. But one of my colleagues felt the need to provoke the bears and they all frenzied. Everyone panicked. I ran inside to call an ambulance and then I proceeded to help wounded people inside and close the doors behind them. I was never in any danger myself, nor was I afraid. I was doing damage control.

In the second dream, two ten-foot-long king cobras were having wild snake sex (does that even exist?) in the tennis court of my high school. We couldn't have that of course and several people wanted to go over there to scare them off. I warned them not to do that, because snakes are quick and cobras are poisonous, and they must be angry if you disturb them during sex. I had a better plan. We locked and barred all the doors and windows and then we turned on really loud music over the PA system to scare the snakes off.

There is a theme here...
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