Zombie & Priestess photoshoot

A tiny mosquito buzzes in my ear. I shake my head. The air is full of them; there is a bog nearby. I steady myself against the wall of the ruined chapel as I put on the skirts of Ellenora's costume. Sna is trying on the helmet, and Nachtvisser is putting on his shoes. Ork comes into the chapel, his camera in his hand, a beaming smile on his face. "This is perfect! Let's do it." He picks up his flash and umbrella stand and motions to Nachtvisser. "I want you standing over here."

We move the bags out of the chapel and I take out the make-up to give Sna that hollow-eyes-and-ashen-skin look. I smile as I hear Ork's voice. He puts me at ease, friendly and fun, enthusiastic without being in a hurry. "Now look over there. Like there's something going on there. It worries you. Yes, like that. Less with the eyebrows. Oh, great, hold that thought."

Sna looks a little frightening when he's all zombified. He does that blank stare really well. And he's got the dramatic gesturing down to an art. Even for an undead. I am in awe of my own creation as he slowly rises from the ground and follows my commands. The proud and rather smug look on my face comes naturally.

It's a bit silly, but both I and Nachtvisser have the impression that we're not supposed to talk. The camera doesn't catch what we say, even though my rational brain knows it would help us make those expressions more real and tangible. Still, we don't speak, we mime everything.

"We're going to do the epic battle right here." Ork talks us through it. We fight in slowmotion, which gives us a little more time to think the moves through. "No, rewind a bit. Ok, now do it again, but stay next to each other this time." Sna is an incorrigible good fighter, he sees an opening, uses it and then readies to bash me with the shield. Amelie is defeated much too easily, but Ork loves the resulting pictures. "Look at this one, that's exactly what I was going for. And the lighting is just right."

Running away from a camera feels a bit odd. "Start here, and then run until here, ok? Can you give a scared look backwards when you're there? Almost. One more time." I wonder if I look silly. I'm not usually good at drama, my area of expertise is in comedy. There are several moments where I break out laughing in the middle of a pose. Ork doesn't seem to mind. He waits until I'm done and then we continue.

It's pretty late when we pack up. The hours flew by and I never noticed. Nachtvisser is quiet; he must be tired. I forgot to bring make-up remover. Sna shrugs and gets in the car to take us home again. Other drivers are slightly spooked by the undead behind the wheel. Ork is pleased.

And now we wait.
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