Get a life

mosquito bite tally

16 itching, red bites total. 13 on the left leg. 5 around the front side of the knee.

Can you beat that?

Bonus points for large clusters. Extra bonuspoints for bites in the face.
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Do you get tme in nice patterns, which mirror the stars in the sky? That would be nice. :-)

But no. You are way ahead of me in mosquito bites.
But to be serious.

Autan does help a bit in preventing mosquito bites. But that's more for when you're inside and not outside.
I'll live, don't worry. i just thought I had taken everything into account: weather, location, sunset and then there turns out to be another factor...
Have you tried a klamboe (mosquito net)?

I don't particularly like them myself, but they seem to help.
There are no mosquitos in my bedroom. This was just those few hours of taking photos near a bog.
Ugh, yep.. just a few hours.. but just too many of them beasties over there! By the by, I think bites on fingers should also yield bonus points because of their annoyingness!

Other than that.. about 8, so I'm slightly more lucky :)
I remember a walk we took in Drenthe about 10-12 years ago. We made the Planetary walk at the radio telescope (was that at Westerbork?) and at one point we passed some kind of swamp.
There were so many mosquitos that I had to carry Eldest for about a km, just to keep him from the ground and away from most of the mosquitos.

That was no fun I tell you.
And mosquitoes from the wild are far fiercer than those weakling city-bred bitches we get around here. Their bites make twice, if not three times as big a bump.

I hope the itching stops soon. NoKey always uses Azaron for that.

I agree with the person who recommended Autan, that's also what we use when we go to Mexico and it works like a charm.
But it's mostly used to _prevent_ the bites. Now that you've been bitten already, I dunno if it'll do anything to relieve the itch... ;)
I rarely get bitten by mosquitos these days. Last year, too. No idea why. I think it's actually because the spiders in the house eat the mosquitos. I'm not a fan of spiders, but I can live with that.

My mom's tip against mosquito bites is typically vinegar. I find it mostly stinks but doesn't help much.
I used to be able to beat that with ease, I can remember couting 42 and 58 bites but somehow I grew over it. Nowadays when a mosquito sucks me dry it will leave a mark for a couple of hours and then it's gone.
I must have become somekind of Obelix in this matter :-)
Does the head (topside) count as well? In that case .... not as many as you got. Allthough the critters pinched through my larpjeans without any hesitation.
None, the muskitoos in the Hague are to lazy to fly to the second floor.

But I got a cut in my tongue that bugs me to no end...