roleplay, culture and morality

After musings on culture and morality in roleplay by watzalikzeggen and omdathetkan , I thought I'd share this next part of the D&D campaign. It is the monologue of the troll priest who was not killed by the players. Because fub is not present for D&D tonight, I ruled that he sat down to talk to the priest, and this is what the troll says. (There is a Dutch version under the cut, because the trollspeak has a certain charm to it.)

Why you listen to me? I know not what now. I be honourless.

I be priest, it be tradition. I know things about temple that only priests know. I have oath swear, I send outsiders away, I protect temple with me life. But now you be in temple and I be still alive. Now I be honourless.

There, Gibbu, Blav, Mivve and Wallop, they be warriors and hunters. They guard temple today, they hunt deer or guard village tomorrow. They tell in village tonight that you attack temple, priests punish them. They practice more fight, they sharpen weapons, they skin and clean meat. They be good again after many days. Not I. I be back in village tonight, priests execute me, put me head on pole, throw me body in sea and erase me name from records.

Maybe better if you kill me. If you throw me body down temple stairs, Gibbu, Blav, Mivve and Wallop, they tell in village you be dangerous killers. Maybe priests punish them less. They come get me body and put me in cemetary with other priests. They write in records I was good priest, I died with honour.

Maybe better if you kill me.

Waarom jij naar mij luister? Ik niet meer weet wat nu. Ik eerloos ben.

Ik priester ben, het traditie ben. Ik dingen over tempel weet die alleen priesters weet. Ik eed zweer heb, ik buitenstaanders wegjaag, ik tempel bescherm met mij leven. Maar jullie nu in tempel ben en ik nog leef. Nu ik eerloos ben.

Daar, Gibbu, Blav, Mivve en Wallop, zij strijders en jagers ben. Zij vandaag tempel bewaak, zij morgen jaag op hinde of dorp bewaak. Zij vanavond terug in dorp vertel dat jullie aanval heb, zij straf krijg. Zij meer vecht oefen, zij wapens slijp, zij vlees vil en schoonmaak. Zij over veel dagen weer goed ben. Niet ik. Ik vanavond terug in dorp ben, priesters mij executeer, mij hoofd op staak zet, mij lichaam in zee gooi en mij naam uit geschriften schrap.

Misschien beter als jullie mij dood. Als jullie mij lichaam van tempeltrap gooi, Gibbu, Blav, Mivve en Wallop, zij in dorp zeg jullie gevaarlijke moordenaars ben. Zij misschien minder straf krijg. Zij mij lichaam dan kom ophaal, en op begraafplaats bij andere priesters leg. Zij in geschrijften schrijf ik goede priester was, ik met eer stierf.

Misschien beter als jullie mij dood.
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Continuity error
If this had been the case, the priest would have fought much harder to keep us from entering the temple. Also, the dead body we found would not have been as fresh as it was if nobody was allowed into the temple for so long. I have problems with those continuity errors.
Re: Continuity error
The body is at least two years old, doctor Melvin with his insane anatomy skill.

The priest is a coward.