dye trying

I have this linen blouse for Dead Fox Junction with a load of pretty buttons, but I didn't quite like the colour. It was a dark brown that bordered on copper and it didn't really go with my tan walking skirt. I also had a tin of sand-coloured dye lying around, and I decided to experiment. I had no way of measuring the correct amount of salt, so I just winged it. The result looks chocolate-coloured, which doesn't look bad with the tan, but it makes the whole outfit very boring. Which is not bad for Dead Fox Junction, but it could use some warm-coloured accessories. What kind of accessories, you reckon?
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Dead fox junction is like, wildwest sort of thing?
A sandcolored hat with a scarf? A broad belt of somekind?

I dunno, I haven't a clue about this really, but it fit the picture in my head.. Just ignore me.. too hot...