Acting my age?

I often read John Scalzi’s blog Whatever, and today he shared an old video of his daughter when she was young and adorable. It gave me mixed feelings. Then a friend on facebook changed her profile picture to the inspirational message: “There is absolutely no good reason to act your age.” Now I just have to write about my feelings…

I hate being reminded that I was a cute little girl once, my family has noticed that more than once. I still hate princess pink and bows in hair and many other cute things. I do not want to be cute. I feel that being called cute somehow cancels out my wisdom and my wicked smarts. If people think I’m cute, they won’t take me seriously, they won’t believe I’m skilled and organised and qualified. And I worked hard to become this skilled and wise. I won’t let a dash of hot pink take that away.

It’s silly of course, most things happen at the same time. Meredith Brooks taught us that we can be many things at the same time, and life in general has taught me in the past few years that I am a polymath with many labels. Still, I haven’t overcome my loathing for cute hot pink things.

Acting my age is what will get me a good job. People who work with me, have noted the peace and order I can bring to a project. The constructive criticism and sharp remarks I can give, are welcome signs of intelligence and experience. I’m proud of and satisfied with that part of me. It’s definitely not something a young girl could pull off. I never enjoyed being a girl. I am enjoying being a woman very much.

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I don't get it. First it's about cute little girls, than about princess pink and not being intelligent and not respected as a woman. This goes to fast for my brain.
I hear you - 40 year old female developers are not that common in my industry! Either it's men in their 30s or the occasional very young female. I wasn't cute as a child and could not get away with acting it now, so it's not so much an issue but I am aware of the anomaly.