July 12th, 2007


And it's a MeMe!

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1. Hammy is my favourite character in Over The Hedge; I can really relate to him, I can be like that too. Does anyone else think I'm ADD?

2. I used to love theatre when I was still in school. I was in the theatre club in my high school in France too. When I was young, I was often asked to play the role of a man, because I was pretty big for my age. It wasn't until I was seventeen and I was doing theatre under Mrs. Hackenheimer that I got real female roles like Alice in Wonderland. Mrs Hackenheimer liked me for my dramatic touch. In my final year we studied Macbeth and I was really hoping for the role of Lady Macbeth. But there were not a lot of guys in the theatre club. Mrs. Hackenheimer was a little hesitant when she asked me: "Would you play Macbeth? I know you don't like to play a man, but I just want the main role to be played right."

3. The scariest books I ever read were written by Ian M. Banks. In Consider Phlebas a spy is slowly being drowned in the feces of a great banquet in the building above splashing down on him in the sewers, and later on in the book the main character runs into a primitive tribe who only eat feces, blood, intestines and seawead, and their leader has a set of special false teeth to eat his underlings with. The Use of Weapons has several very disturbing scenes too. The main character is someone who knows everything about killing and waging war. Somewhere in the book he wants to give it up and be a poet on a backwards planet. So he sits in meadows and writes about the flowers. But he witnesses a man punishing his slaves for their disobedience. The next day the poet is gone, and the slaver has been hanged by his own intestines. Plus the ending of the Use of Weapons has the biggest plot twist I've ever seen. I recommend reading Ian M. Banks, but only if you have a strong stomach.

4. I'm kind of allergic to sunlight. When I sit in the sun for too long, I become just as red and painful as a freshly boiled lobster. In addition, even when I stay out of the sun, I get funny white spots, mostly on my back. My dad has the same spots, he says it has something to do with sweat.

5. I love to give people honest compliments, but some of them are shocked by my directness.

6. The scene in my novel on which I have been stuck for the past months is a dinner table scene. Usually the scenes where there's action and scary stuff they just flow out of my hands through the keyboard onto the screen, but this dinner scene has really got me stuck. My character just keep looking at each other, not knowing what to say.

7. It's strange but true: I hate surprises. 

I'm not going to tag anyone specifically, anyone who wants to can do this, I don't like pushing people.
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So last night we played WoW together. The fact that everyone has three names is confusing (real names, LJ names, character names), but Maglok found an easy solution, he calls everone by their character race. That's easy for him, since we're Elf, Gnome and Dwarf, but he has the difficult name. I vote we call him Thing.

So Sna, I hope you had a nice evening even if you had no time to spend it with us. Our characters are now lvl 12 and waiting in Westfall to start on the Defias quests next Wednesday at 19:30. I hope you can join us then. Marlix and I decided it would be easy if everyone could swing by Redridge to pick up the flight point there so that we can keep going next week, without having to pause to walk all the way to Redridge.

I will volunteer to set up the guild, if everyone is ok with the name Crossfire. I hope someone has time to help me test whether the signature of an alt works too. (/looks at Marlix) If it does, filling the guild roster will be no problem. If it doesn't, I'll spend some time begging.

See you again next week.