January 29th, 2008


I got tagged

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Eight silly facts about me...

-Though I might consider myself a grown up, I'm still very fond of stuffed animals. There's a turtle and a tiger at the head of our bed, and the moogle sits on my bed table. I keep a tiny badger at work, on top of my to do list. Still, on the day we moved to the new house, I almost threw away the bag containing my childhood friends: Rabbit, Bear, Snowwhite, Dash and Flash. Almost, but not quite...

-Remco has a thing for turtles. He collects them, in any shape or form. I never used to have a thing for turtles before I met Remco, but now I find them cute and/or beautiful. Apparently that too can be learned.

-I have weird logic. I believe in astrology, but I don't at the same time. Astrology says that a person born in a certain month would have a certain personality. Which means that you could plan your child's personality, if you could just make sure you'd get pregnant nine months before the right time. But that's nonsense, so astrology must be nonsense too. Still, in my mind, certain personality traits belong to a sign....

-I find it hard to get along with other women and I can't quite explain why. Maybe it's my tact or lack there of, maybe it's my inability to take a hint, maybe it's the fact that I can be so self-absorbed...

-I have a driving licence, even if I haven't been behind a wheel in years. I got it when I was 18 and my first car was my mother's old Citroen Visa. But I couldn't take the car with me when I moved back to the Netherlands, so I haven't driven ever since. I'm not sure I want to drive again, something about pollution, and something about my hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Still, I have that licence, and Remco would like me to get a car once we have children who need to be taken places.

-I like to write, with a pen. I like to bend over the paper and watch the tip of the pen draw the lines of the letters. Because of this, I prefer pens with ink, but because I don't write very often, they always dry out and die. So now I have gel pens. I wouldn't mind writing letters, but I can never think of anyone who would like to receive my scribbles.

-I still haven't figured out whether I'm an extravert or an introvert. I find it hard to contain my feelings and I like to speak my mind, but I feel ashamed easily and I get worried about what people might think of me if I tell them anything. I guess I must be an extravert who learned that her enthusiasm is not always appreciated?

-My favourite game ever is Pirates! by Sid Meier. I used to play it on the C64 when I was little, and though I knew the map by heart, I never realised that it was the actual topographical map of the Caribbean until I got the new and improved version for the PC not lang ago. 

Tag eight people.... Well, I'll tag some people I don't know too well yet, but don't feel obliged; it's just for fun.
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Zembla over game verslaving

Zembla zond afgelopen weekend een documentaire uit over gameverslaving. Ik had kunnen weten hoe eenzijdig die documentaire zou zijn. Jahoor, mensen: World of Warcraft is slecht, Blizzard is evil, het spel is zo gemaakt dat het zo verslavend mogelijk is, en geen enkele speler houdt meer een sociaal leven over. Nou, ik heb mijn plicht als gamer weer gedaan, ik heb een beleefd berichtje achtergelaten om te laten weten dat het niet klopt. Wat kan je nog meer doen?

Gameverslaving is net zoals gokverslaving; iets waar je alleen maar mentaal verslaafd aan kan raken, niet fysiek. Terwijl het verslavingsprobleem echt is, is niet iedereen die het af en toe doet automatisch verslaafd. Degenen die er verslaafd aan raken, doen dit om weg te rennen van de realiteit, terwijl gewone spelers het alleen maar een leuk tijdverdrijf vinden.

World of Warcraft is een leuk spel, maar het duurt nogal lang. Een half uurtje spelen gaat nou eenmaal niet, dan kom je nergens, 2 uur is beter. Dat vinden mensen raar, terwijl ze het niet vreemd vinden dat anderen minstens zo lang voor de TV zitten. Het is gewoon nieuw, en misschien over een paar jaar heel gewoon, maar er wordt nu nog zo'n ophef over gemaakt. Ik houd het graag in de gaten, omdat ik het gevoel heb dat alle journalisten die over gamen schrijven, er te weinig inzicht in hebben. Jammer, en deprimerend, maarja...
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Audrey's ponderings

Tommy was impossible after I took him to the elysium... Scared of the family, and suddenly under the delusion that he could make decisions. Silly boy, he's still mine. He's obedient again now. Took some doing, but I don't think he disliked it. Bad boy. No more potion until I'm satisfied he won't be any more trouble.

Marlies hasn't called yet. Somewhere I'm happy, because I get a little nervous when I think of what she told me. On the other hand I was looking forward to something to do. Something to get my mind off the gallery. And off... her...

I've been considering going out again... Just a walk in the neighbourhood.  I can't help myself. When I'm watching her, I feel more calm, more in control. She can't surprise me while I'm watching. 

The Primogen said they would make the problem go away. That makes me happy. And it makes me sad. She means a lot to me. But I've always made her unhappy. I thought running away might be a solution, but it wasn't. And now that I'm back, finding her is wrong too. Or that's what the family thinks. 

I know the rules. I know the consequences. I won't be noticed. I wish people wouldn't worry about that. I know what I'm doing. It's not like this is the first time.

Maybe I should visit Arcadia again. Doctor Steven would listen to me. So would Michael. No... They would try to stop me. Maybe I should stop myself. Maybe I just need a drink. 
I'm off.
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