August 22nd, 2008


the first Crossfire raid

Because Coilfang is not a place you want to go before level 63, we decided to conquer Upper Blackrock Spire. But we ran into a few snags... Smokey and Marlix were busy picking up the quest from the blue dragon in Winterspring when the rest of us came online, and it took a little while for us to figure out that we were too high level to use the summoning stone. Luckily, Smokey can teleport but it still cost us some time. So we walked into the Blackrock Spire and tried to open the door, which didn't work. We tried to form a raid group, thinking that might help, but it didn't. We needed to forge the seal in order to to open the door.

So Smokey teleported us to Theramore and we went to find the black dragon with the smelly hot breath so we could forge the seal with it. After mind-controlling and killing the dragon twice with no effect, we concluded that we were doing something wrong. Maglok started to browse the intarwebz. "Guys? Are we still in that raid group?" Doh! We bonked ourselves on the noggin, and disbanded the raid group. Then everything went according to plan. When the dragon was almost dead, Smokey would control its mind with the magical orb and make it breathe fire on the seal. Nothing hotter in the world that the breath of a dragon, right?

So the generous Smokey teleported us back and we entered the Blackrock Spire once again. The enemies there consist mostly of red dragonkin and their evil orc slaves. Somewhere in the first room we made a slight mistake to let a wounded orc get away to call his friends, and somehow we survived that. Maybe it was the fact that we were a bit higher level than they were.

We reached the famous Leroy Jenkins egg room and Maglok showed us how to navigate that room correctly without getting overrun by baby dragons. We were all quite shocked when we noticed that Smokey was actually casting frost spells, and he was not ready to comment on it. All he said was: "I hate red dragons."

We made our way to the arena without much ado, and there we hoped Nefarian would say something funny while we killed his minions. No dice though... It was all cheesy stuff like:"Your efforts will prove fruitless. None shall stand in our way!" So he sent his flunky Rend Blackhand at us, and we killed him too. (Harvesting some nicely coloured dragonscales, I might add)

After the arena was when things got interesting. And I don't mean that in a good way. We fought our way up to the dark room where the Beast was being kept, and it sort of swept the floor with us. It's a dog. Admittedly it has two heads, it drools molten lava and it's bigger than a tank, but it's still a dog. And apparently it thought we were balls. It took us into its mouth and bounced us around the entire room. Sna was the first to stop bouncing back, Marlix and and Maglok soon followed. I did another one of my disappearing tricks, which left Smokey... Smokey swallowed hard. There he was, all alone, ten times as tiny as the Beast, wearing a dress. Poor Smokey.

But Crossfire wouldn't be Crossfire if we had left it at that. The second time we took on the Beast, Smokey and Sna didn't let the monster bounce them around so much, and Maglok turned on his meanest attitude to conquer the Beast. And we all exploded into the cries of victory when it fell and died. I skinned the ugly bastard, only to find a gnome in a diving suit... "Finkle Einhorn, at your service." Ok, let me get this straight, you were doing backstokes in molten lava to test that new diving suit and this beast came out of nowhere and swallowed you whole? "That's right!" Sigh! Gnomes!

But after we had killed the Beast, the fight was far from over. The groups of dragons and orcs kept getting bigger and meaner. When we nearly wiped on an ordinary group of two dragons and three orcs, because the orc that I had incapacitated by giving it a gentle tap with a sap woke up and jumped down Sna's throat, we decided that we could use some help. Strongwind and Merna responded to our call, but since they had never been to Blackrock Spire, they needed a little help finding us.

When they arrived, we went back into business, Merna and I sapping more orcs and Strongwind doing what he does best in his pretty impressive bear form. One patrolling group of enemies went down particularly well because of some nice simultaneous sapping action of Merna and myself, and Sna blurted out: "And that's why I recommend a rogue familiar for every clothie!" I think he wanted to elaborate, but something made him choke and erupt into screams. I think it was Merna, who doesn't like to be called a familiar.

General Drakkisath was no match for Crossfire and their honorary guests. He croaked. And we rejoiced. It was fun and our guests deserve a big thank you for helping us out. Next time we will be going to Coilfang, so everyone is allowed to reach level 63. I will be making a separate post with a list of the quests. Do we have time next Wednesday?
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