October 23rd, 2008


Spiel was good for shopping

I'm very pleased with myself. Bought a nice new weighted dagger at Der Silberwald. Bought the game called Elfenland, which is out of print but I got it in mint condition. That was always my favourite game in Smokey's collection, so I really wanted it. Bought a very nice looking game called Mana by Claude Leroy, which will look very nicely IC at Kederan. And, my purchase today that made me the happiest: I went to Dunkel Art and ordered a custom shield.

I had been snooping around all the larp weapon stands for a while and I was getting a pretty good idea of which stand offered what kind of shield for how much, when I suddenly noticed Dunkel Art. The stand looked less gigantic than the others and much more hand-made craft. I got mesmerised by the fine details on each piece in the stand and I knew: this is someone who loves to make this latex items. The stand had some really nice looking weapons, but also latex bottles and surgery sets. And all of them had very detailed adornments. I mean look at that!!

So I inquired about shields, and they showed me some examples from their portfolio. Loving the quality, I asked if they did commissions, and they introduced me to their main artist, Ric Sattler. And as I started to explain to him what kind of shield I'd like, and what the character who it was meant for was like, he started to smile. And he went along with my ideas and started drawing what he could make for me and he showed me samples of the materials and the finishing he could use and I was simply thrilled! So I asked him how much it would cost, and he grinned at me. "Because I'm going to enjoy making this: eighty euros. I think I'll make one just like that for myself too." That really made my day.
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