October 24th, 2008


The zombie event in WoW

Long story short: the Lich King is making his way back and he's sent diseased crates out to spread a plague among the people of Azeroth that will turn them into zombies. Now this has all sorts of consequences. Anyone who has touched one of those crates will be infected. After ten minutes of being infected, they become a zombie. Zombies can attack and infect anyone, except other zombies of course. The infection can be cured with a cure disease spell, but the zombie state will ultimately result in death.

Of course, it's actually rather fun to be a zombie and run around killing other people, so a lot of players go out to become a zombie and try it out. At the moment on our server, a horde of zombies is hanging around Westfall killing anyone they can. I'm not thrilled by that, since most people in Westfall are just minding their own business, trying to get to level 20, and some of them may be new to the game. I don't think it's fun to kill hapless innocents who are minding their own business.

So I, as a good and righteous paladin, go out to cure the infection where ever I can and I kill every zombie I see. And though some people thank me for saving their lives, I get a lot of bad language. They want to become zombies and start a raid and they call me bad things and tell me to go away. And I tell them: "You're ill, let me cure you from that horrible disease. It will consume you." I had a good laugh doing this for an hour or so, but people got very frustrated with me. And I guess the fact that I was disguised as a gnome really didn't help.

Ah... kids...
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