April 12th, 2009


We had great fun at Omen

A quick list of random thoughts:

Huzzah for OC comforts such as kleenex, pantyliners, energy drinks, tick removers and gel soles.

I never knew that making enemies and being a diplomat could be so much fun.

I need a larp event where I can play a satyr and I need to get myself some hairy pants and some nice horns for that purpose.

I have to remember that when I'm tired, I can jump to silly conclusions and I can say stupid things.

No sunburn after a weekend of incredibly nice weather = yay!

Why oh why do my knees protest so much against kneeling?

Prosthetic ears no longer hold any secrets to me and face paint is something I'm learning.

Sairahiniel has become so incredibly serene that she loves everything and everyone, and this attitude is not only a very comfortable state of mind for a weekend, it's also very useful as a diplomat.

Sairahiniel and Arevalo are cute; everyone says so.

I can still sing. ^.^

I'm getting better at rituals, but I'm not there yet.

I need a shower and a nap now. More thoughts tomorrow.
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