March 15th, 2010



77731 / 92381 words. 84% done!

Literary progress goes boink. The percentage may not say much, but look at that wordcount. I know one of my proofreaders is happy to read all the new and/or improved stuff. Thanks for that. Just writing it makes me feel good. It clicks into place. It's much better like this. More attention to the loose ends, to the background, to Sol and Sinthaia. I'm still working on a scene with the two of them together, which is almost done. And with all this revamping, Jareth's motivation becomes clearer and more realistic too.

I'm grateful that I live in this day and age, so that I can cut and paste in my manuscript instead of having to write the whole thing again. I can understand why there's less attention to editing these days. This manuscript I'm producing here is pretty clean; some people might think it hardly needs any editing. It's so easy to correct little mistakes now. Of course, I know it does need an editor, but hey I haven't found one yet, so for now, I'll try keeping it clean myself.

What's on the menu this week? Getting up early in the morning to see the guys off on their nine o'clock dive. Lunch with eggs and bacon at Mack's Bar. Checking my LJ and my mail at the small internet bar around the corner. Perhaps some excursions to the zoo, or the swimming park or a little jeep safari. Eating good foor served by funny waitors. Relaxing. Fun.
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Kermit goes nuts

Tenerife day 4

After multiple strokes of bad luck, like hitting his head on the doorpost and having to get four stitches, and the plane being delayed by 13 hours because of a hurricane, Plym arrived at Tenerife this morning around eight. And as he had slept on the plane (how does he do that?) he felt chipper and wanted to go along for a dive. I love it when a plan comes together.

On the downside, I kind of broke Digit. Well no, he's not broken, I just made the Network Manager disappear from the panel and I can't seem to get it back. I've been trying for as long as my patience would let me but I just get frustrated to no end. Right-clicking on the panel and choosing results in a long list of things that can be added to the panel, but the Network Manager isn't in it. The help file tells me that the Network Manager can be found on the panel, but it doesn't say where to find it when you sort of accidentally made it disappear. Searching results in a long list of files that have network in the name, some of them are even called Network Manager, there are x-executables called Network Manager in several different places, but I can't seem to figure out which one I need. This long list of almosts just really gets me frustrated.

I can hear three questions: 1: Why do I need it? It's the applet that easily manages my network connections, I can open it, choose a network within range, enter the password and yay! I'm online. When it's on the panel, its icon changes to show whether I have a connection and how well it works.
2: How did I get online? The applet is obviously still installed and it autimatically remembers the network I last used. I am however going to need it if I ever want to connect to a different network again.
3: How did I make it disappear? I always hate the how-did-you-break-it-question, so let's get it over with. I was removing some things from the panel, to make more room for things I actually use. I removed the sound control thingie because I have shortcut keys for that on my keyboard. And the Network Manager disappeared along with it. I kid you not. /headdesk! I would have killed for an undo-command right then and there.

Remco knows just as much about Linux as I do, only he has more patience, and he has command-prompt skills that I lack, but he hasn't been able to restore the damage I did. And frankly, I just want to enjoy my holiday, instead of having to troubleshoot. So I'm just going to ignore the problem for now.

A wild green parrot just landed in one of the trees around the resort swimming pool. The weather is still great and I can still write. Breathe in, breathe out, get on with the holiday.
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