June 7th, 2010



It's time for the weekly post again. I haven't been up to a whole lot the past few days though. I've played a decent bit of Dragon Age: Origins. I went over to ratsat and he showed me Heavy Rain, which is a wonderfully well-made game. And that's about it. I had a fighting workshop planned on Sunday, but I felt awful and the weather was hot, so I called it off.

I had a bit of a scare. jpdw 's gmail account was hacked and I sat down to think about the consequences if that would happen to me, and that spooked me. I would lose a lot of things that I really need. So I changed my password into something long and strong and now I hope I'll be fine for a while again. I should keep a paper list with email and real adresses though...

What's on the menu this week? Nothing much. Which means I have time to play games or write. Probably play games, because work is still really tiring. Remco will be out on Wednesday and on Friday, which means I should find something to do on those days, but I don't know what yet. Saturday is another B-day, which means a lovely day in Den Haag. And Sunday we're off to a Kederan Special in Snake's forest.

Today I'll be working working working and I'm grumpy. I'm going to be starting off the day with an angry phonecall to TNT, who kept my package in customs for weeks and then want me to cough up loads of money. I hate it when they do that, and the TNT employee never has change and I'm going to complain again.

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It gets to me every time

When you import goods, you pay an import tax. Now I can get a little testy about that, because the tax is not very transparant and pretty high to boot, but hey. It's tax, I have to pay it, I'm ok with that.

What I'm not ok with, is the TNT delivery service that says: "Don't worry, we took care of paying the import tax for you. It took a couple of days, (read: this package has been held in some warehouse for over two weeks) but we arranged everything for you, so now you owe us the import tax plus some indirect costs we made to arrange this for you. Here's the bill. If you don't pay right now (and no, our employee doesn't have change) we'll take the package with us again and you can come pick it up at some warehouse, where you'll still have to pay the same fee."

There are just so many things wrong with this, that it enrages me every single time. But the "because they can"-rule applies. They have already performed the service and if I don't pay, I don't get my package. And I could go complain, which would cost me precious time, and they would probably just tell me that that's the way it goes. Except that other delivery services who are not TNT don't do this.

I'm still simmering, wondering if I'll try to make something out of it or not. But my inner pessimist says it won't amount to anything. They took my money, and I just have to learn to live with it.

about that package

So I got that package from River Junction and it contained: a back pleated skirt, a fancy blouse with lovely little flowers and white lace and a silly white bonnet. And I love the back-pleated skirt. I love it. It's tan/taupe/brown and the denim twill is heavy and strong. I just love how it falls around my legs and over my backside. Now I need a proper petticoat to fill it up a little.

The blouse is cute and it fits me like a glove, and though I love the design of the sleeves and the lace decorations, I'm a little disappointed at the shiny plastic buttons and the absence of waistline. It makes strange frumples when I tuck it into the skirt and it was not designed to go over, I think...

The bonnet is silly and it has a big fold down the middle because of the shipping. I can't figure out how to put it on right. And it's really white and boring. But hey it was cheap and I thought: why not? I probably won't be wearing it. I need to go shopping for shoes and a hat...

Happy with new clothes. Looking forward to Dead Fox Junction. I hope erwinl and I will be serving drinks. I hope I'll be able to raise my voice and surprise people. I hope the storytellers make up something incredible and I hope we players run off with it and it becomes something more than anyone imagined. I'm looking forward to it. Yes, and I'm looking forward to wearing this nice skirt all day long and getting it dusty and dirty like it should be in Dead Fox Junction.

PS I need a Dead Fox Junction icon...
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