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Larp in de Gelderlander

I found an article on larp in De Gelderlander yesterday. I shouldn't be complaining, because the article was friendly, showing larp as a rather strange but fun hobby for people from all walks of life. Two things irked me though...

The photo was uninteresting, except for the person prominently in the middle, who was named in the sidebar and the article described her and her husband in detail. But I had always understood that she didn't like to be named when speaking about larp, because of her job. Now it's unlikely that this paper will be read by any of the people at her work, since she lives on the other side of the country, but still this struck me as odd.

To me it was clear that the reporters had been to the latest Exodus event. Organisors and players were named and they talked about elves at the university and about Tesh. But the article didn't mention the name of the organisation anywhere. Even worse, at the end of the article, they posted the website of Arcana, not Evolution Events. Sigh...

I guess I should be happy that my favourite hobby got some positive publicity, but I'm still a little disappointed at the mistakes. The more I read the papers these days, the more I wonder: "What do they teach reporters these days?" I could do so much better.
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