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Mr Migraine says: This is what you get for being such an excitable nervous wreck. I didn't want to jam that icepick through your eye, but you left me no other choice. You were setting yourself up to be disappointed again and the only way you will ever learn to stop doing that is if I make it hurt so much, you won't do it again.
Nathreee says: stfu, gtfo and take your freaking guilt trip with you.

So... Today will be spent in my little dark cave, just me and my basement cat, two damned creatures who cannot stand the light. Maybe I can do some writing. I haven't touched the manuscript for a while; I allowed myself a well-earned break.

Mr Migraine is right up to a certain point. I got myself awfully excited this weekend. I spent one night milling over things over and over without sleeping much. I wish I didn't, but apparently I just really can't help it. Being able to pick up on the moods and thoughts of others simply doesn't make me very confident about what I feel and think.

Sigh. This week's menu consists of: resting until I feel like myself again. And then the family weekend in Limburg.

In other news, my parents have a floor, wallpaper and some furniture soon. It's going so fast.
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