lfz: looking for zombie

Are you a hideous, decomposing zombie? Would you like to be summoned from your grave by a blushing young necro-priestess? Would you like to pose in front of a camera to show everyone how horrifying you are? Then we may be looking for you!

Do you:
-skulk somewhere in the Netherlands?
-know a dark graveyard?
-have time for an afternoon of photoshooting somewhere in spring?
-know how to defend yourself when attacked by a good cleric?

If you do, please leave your name and contact information here in the comments.

(Ork and I have a fun idea for a photoshoot, but it requires two things that are not easy to come by: a graveyard and a zombie.)
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Always willing to portray a dead minion. Might be wiser to go for a ruin or something, though. With the recent random destruction sprees in graveyards people are understandably iffy, and a ruin or old gothic-y building does just as well.
If you need another Zombie...
I practiced a lot on being dead :-) I already died too many times and sometimes I stood up again (The fun of being an NPC at Maerquin)

I know a place in Leersum forrest where we had some short adventures. There's a tower with two family graves in front and it's public accessible at daytime(as far as I know)

a good thing, they are used to roleplayers in that area.
The Tombe van Nellesteyn? That's quite inspiring indeed, albeit not very ruinish.

If you're looking for something closer to home, you could consider the ruins of St. Walrick. That's in a public forest too and they're used to larping/scouting as well.
If you bring a shovel, you'll only need to find a graveyard :)
I have my bad mornings with lots of groaning and slow movement. Count on me
Sadly, I cant do the smink thing anymore. But if you need a hand with anything, let me know. I will gladly help out!
If you still need your zombie, i'm the one you're looking for! ^^

Love to be of assistance as one of the undead ;). Check my references on my Hyves (


Ooo als je nog hulp nodig hebt, ik bied mezelf ook aan voor hulp.
*Maakt niet uit wat.*