Tenerife, lost count of the days

It's the middle part of the holiday. That part where I lose track of everything, the time, the day of the week and what I should be doing. It's that part where everyone is getting just a little too comfortable. The people in our favourite bars and restaurants start to ask for our names and how our day was. We start to let our guard down around each other, allowing ourselves to be grumpy at each other, embarrassing things happen. It's natural when you're on holiday with each other, it's a hurdle to pass. We're surviving it pretty well.

The guys just love their diving. They laugh their heads off at the other dive school that misspelled the word buoyancy so badly that is says bouncy on the sign outside outside the shop. They taunt the fish and they play jokes on each other.

Paco does keep reminding us that he thinks this kind of fun will all be over once we have children. My first reaction is to disagree with him, but he might be right. It's perfectly possible that in a few years from now, my life will totally revolve around junior. And I'm not sure I would mind.

On the other hand, why wouldn't we go to tenerife when we have a child? The story would be much the same. The guys go off diving in the morning, I'll be hanging around the hotel, the swimming pool or the internet café. We will take out a few days to make an excursion, to the zoo or a fun park or something to see. With or without children, this scenario looks much the same.

We went to the Tenerife zoo called Loro Park yesterday. Prettiest zoo I've seen for years. Dolphin and sea lions show, even orcas though I have mixed feelings about the latter. The zoo is not too big, the paths are pretty narrow, giving it a very intimate feel. The animals look good and the only animals that are kept in boring, square cages are the hundreds of parrots that gave the park its name. They call it the must of Tenerife, and I think it is. A day well-spent. With or without children.
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Life will change for you guys once you have kids. Flying with children is different. The kids will be there during breakfast and dinner and you'll have to pay attention to them, at the very least to make them behave. But that's just life, that's what happens when you have kids.

Most larpers I know raise their kids well. These children are well-behaved, they can entertain themselves (and don't have to be held or reproached everywhere you go) and I'm sure you and Remco will do just as great as Anastaszia and Shurf, or Nachtvisser and Sas, or Ragar and Annejet or any other larper.

Of course things will change, but that's the natural way of things. And I see no difference either. There's just going to be extra people there. You can still go diving, go to the zoo, to the beach, etc.
It sure seems that way in the first few months, when they are just small and need lots of attention and feeds and nappychanges. But pretty soon you simply have another friend along, albeit a little one. And they can make you see the things around you anew. For us an elephant is just an elephant, but when your kid is suddenly awed by the huge beast, you see how big he really is again.

And as my father used to say; as you raise them, you have them. If you shield them from going anywhere when they are little, they will not be used to anything and do not want to go later. We just took ours everywhere and found that went very well. And now when we have a holiday and think we need to plan a day of rest to give the boys time for the swimmingpool, they return in an hour and ask when we are going to visit some castle or hill or something.

So yes, it will be different, but your friend seems to imply that different is bad. I find that is certainly not the case.
I think it's actually easier to take them places when they cannot walk yet, that's the period you are in control. Say, from 5 months to about 15 months. After that comes what I call the suicidal phase, where they CAN and WILL try anything and you are constantly on guard against their innocent joy in, for example, electrical cable or toilet brushes. That's from about a year and a half to around 3. After that it gets much easier and I find Max actually good company for outings and breakfasts and dinners. Fun to be with, and to see the world through their eyes.
And, why not take a week off to go diving in Tenerife, and leave the child with grandparents? Both children and grandparents will love it, and it will teach the little ones to be flexible etc. My niece does that at least once a year. I must admit that I don't because I selfishly would miss Max too much. But that is just me..
I went to a family weekend with my little nieces, of 2 years and of 4 months. You cannot really take them anywhere, because they need their naps during the day and the feeding and diaper changing / potty training takes a lot of time as well.

Count on it that you won't be able to go anywhere during the first years.