review: Dead Fox Junction

Date: 20 - 23 August 2010

Location: Melody Ranch in Dem Ham, near Almelo. A Western-themed location with several buildings. I haven't seen much of the surroundings, because we didn't need to. We had a building with a bunch of two-person bedrooms, a building with a bar, a pond, a fire pit and another small blockhut. Everything was comfortable and in good state. I daresay there is no better place in our whole country to spend a Western-themed weekend.

Setting: The deep West, Dead Fox Junction is a town on the outskirts of No and Where. No one ever visits and no one ever leaves. Everyone knows everyone and they all depend upon each other.

Plot: Most players didn't understand this until the weekend's debriefing: Dead Fox Junction was a ghost town, the people in it had been stuck in their petty arguments and drama for hundreds of years. Recently, a number of native Americans had found the ghost town and they had turned to the magic of their ancestors to get the ghosts to move on.

Personal highlights: The players of this event were in character from Friday at dinner until four in the morning on Sunday, with only a little pause in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. Everyone forgot about their cell phones, their work and their video games, there was nothing else but the villagers of Dead Fox Junction and their problems. We played out very serious themes, feminist issues like women's rights and rape, and also criminal justice, religion, racism and politics. And the most striking one to me: human relations. Broken marriages that stuck together, keeping up appearances, the strange forms love can take, friendship and betrayal, Dead Fox Junction had it all.

This was definitely the most unforgettable larp event I have ever been to. I am endlessly grateful for having been there, and for the wonderful role I got to play. I am in the process of creating a keepsake, because there is never in my life going to be something quite like it. And you all know I'm a critical and nitpicky kind of larper. Evolution Events really created something incredible.
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That sums it up quite nicely.

My most intense larp experience was Moonblade 2, I think, because that was the first larp where I was a player (I had been an NPC/monster at Moonblade 1) and everything was new to me. So to me, that had an intensity like nothing else.
But apart from Moonblade 2, nothing has been so intense as Dead Fox Junction.

Being IC all of the time was very exciting.
Also, all of the emotions felt very real to me. Just before the professor's suicide, he was very fucked up. That felt so real to me that it was almost frightening. I had to remind myself that it was "just a game". That is how real it felt.

It was fun, but also very frightening and intense. In an enjoyable way.
That is why we needed you to be there at the funeral. I think a lot of players who were there (and the orga too) know what it's like to roleplay so intensely. For real closure, for you and us, we needed a funeral, where you would hear how deeply your death had touched us.