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Nathreee's Thoughts

Honest and Introspective

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I'm working on getting my writing published. I write about it often because it's very gratifying to see my world and my stories becoming so tangible and complex, but also because the publishing world is complex and sometimes frustrating. I don't give out writing advice because I don't think I should be telling others how they should write, though I do sometimes give critiques.

Now you might wonder why my blog is in English while I am not. The same reason why I write my novel in English. Though I speak several languages and I live in the Netherlands, English is still the language of my thoughts ever since boarding school, and I guess it always will be. Or maybe it started before that, with Children's BBC in the broom cupboard...

On my LJ I speak my mind. Honest, open and introspective. Everything I write here is my personal opinion. I'm no genius, I'm no expert, and I'm certainly not very subtle; I'm just expressing my thoughts. Feel free to comment, whether you agree or not. Discussion is always interesting.

Friends can read about who Nathreee really is here and some old photos can be found here.
I have made a list of all the larp events I've been to and an overview of my characters.

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Under the LRP tag you may find some of the stories from my live roleplay adventures, but most of them are in Dutch.
Most notable are Whisper's adventures: deel 1, deel 2, deel 3, deel 4 en het einde.
And here is the journal of Viscountess Ellenora van Teras tot Jemor: proloog, achtergrond, maerquin 25, Polo's feestje, kort april 2010, meer achtergrond, maerquin 26, kort avontuur, meer achtergrond, de verloving, net voor de bruiloft, na de bruiloft.